EazyCompliance is an innovative, robotic software to ease the generation, quicken the validation and facilitate the transmission of all your financial reports for regulatory compliance.

By integrating the EazyCompliance software into your financial pipeline, you can be sure of:

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • No Compromise on Quality
  • All-time support
  • Company Customizations

EazyCompliance, Our Promises.

  • All financilal reports generated by EazyCompliance are done according to standard formats and guidelines. With EazyCompliance, your financial reports will always conform to required standards.

  • We understand that what matters in every business is positive ROI. With EazyCompliance your satisfaction is guaranteed and your return on investing in EazyCompliance is sure.

  • EazyCompliance was built by top-notch professionals who have been in the business of financial regulatory reporting across all facets, therefore quality was not compromised on implementing EazyCompliance, you can be sure of that.

  • After you implement EazyCompliance to your financial workflow, our support personnel will always be available 24/7.

  • Every financial institution has her own unique workflows and processes, that we know. Hence with EazyCompliance, you can be assured of customizations that model your business processes.

Report Types

EazyCompliance was built to conform to the standards of various fianacial regulatory reporting formats. Some of which are:


CTR - Currency Transaction Reports (ADRAPS)


STR - Suspicious Transaction Reports (ADRAPS)


PEP - Politically Exposed Persons Reports (ADRAPS)


FTR - Foreign Transaction Reports (ADRAPS)


AML - Anti Money Laundering Reports


BVN - Bank Verification Number Reports


3Tiered Reporting

Agency Banking

Agency Banking Reporting


EFASS Reporting


We understand that nothing but the best makes the world tick, find below what makes EazyCompliance the best regulatory compliant reporting software.



EazyCompliance was built to work in an automatic manner. After EazyCompliance has been integrated with your financial source of truth, report will be generated without human intervention. You do not need any personnel to generate report, it will be handled by a robotic process automation. All you need to do is to do something else. Leave the monotonous task to EazyCompliance.


Data Uploader

Prior integrating EazyCompliance to your system, we understand that there might be some backlogs of information that need to be reported. That can be handled with the Data Uploader feature of EazyCompliance. With this feature, reports can be generated semi-automatically while other processes of validation and transmission would be done automatically.


Parallel Reporting

Do you want to generate one, three or five reports? With EazyCompliance, you can generate multiple reports concurrently. You do not have to wait for one before another report can be generated. Generate, Validate and Transmit reports in parallel. Get all your reporting done in style, 'Time waits for no reports'.


Multiple Reports

EazyCompliance was designed to be as modular as possible making it eazy to generate multiple types of reports. Supported reports include CTR, STR, PEP, FTR, AML, Agency Banking, BVN, Efass among others. Apart from currently supported reports, custom reporting format can be custom-built for your company to conform to regulatory standards and guidelines.


Flexible Deployment

Integrating EazyCompliance for your financial institution is easy and flexible. You can decide to implement EazyCompliance with an 'On-Premise' model where integration is done on your company servers and hardware OR with an 'On-Cloud' model where integration is done on remote servers and hardware.


Robotic Report Validations

With EazyCompliance, after reports have been generated from your financial source of truth, reports are validated. We understand that human errors could make your data dirty but don't worry, EazyCompliance will automatically tell you what is wrong with your data in plain words and tell you what to do! Concise and understandable corrections would be prescribed for valid reports and data clean up.


Realtime Notifications

Along the report generation, validation and transmission pipelines, you will get realtime notifications (browser, email and sms notifications) so as to monitor the progress of report activities. With EazyCompliance, nothing would be done without your notice, you will get to know every activity ongoing with your reports for every milestone reached.


Multiple Report Formats

After your reports have been generated and validated with EazyCompliance, you can get your reports in multiple formats. Supported formats include but not limited to XML, Excel and PDF. Any other formats can be supported, just request for customizations and we will get it done.


Files Manager

EazyCompliance is an open-ended software where every information, file or data inputted, uploaded or generated can be retrieved without effort. That is where the Files Manager feature of EazyCompliance come in. All Files, in all formats are accessible for your perusal and download.


Audit Trails

Do you want to know who initiated what report and when? The EazyCompliance is your go-to reporting software. In every financial house, we understand that accountability is very paramount therefore, every activity done on EazyCompliance is properly tracked and made visible to all via realtime notifications and persistent storage.


Manual Processes in Regulatory Reporting replaced with Robotic Process Automation.

The Leader in Report Generation

Financially Compliant Reporting starts from the source and that is what EazyCompliance has made easy.

  • Supports any database/persistent layer source (RDMS and NoSQL)
  • Perfect Backend Design
  • Fully Automated, No Human Intervention needed.
  • Asynchronously Scheduled Report Generation
  • Realtime Notifications
  • Parallel Multiple Reports Generation

The Leader in Report Validation

Human errors cannot be avoided in data processing but Financially Compliant Reports must be valid, a gap EazyCompliance has come to fill.

  • After Generation, Validations are done on all reports (In-Built or Custom)
  • Validations are based on required reports standards and guidelines
  • Realtime Notifications
  • Automatic or Semi-automatic reports validations mode.
  • Corrections to be done to reports and data sources stated in plain words.
  • Concurrent Multiple Reports Validations

The Leader in Report Transmission

Not meeting deadlines given by regulatory bodies attract heavy fines, that we know. That is why EazyCompliance has the capability to transmit all required reports to your regulatory bodies seamlessly.

  • After reports validations and corrections have been completed, reports are transmitted.
  • Reports are transmitted directly to regulatory bodies, no middle-man contact.
  • Realtime Notifications for every transmission (successful or failed). Know the status of your transmitted reports.
  • Automatic or Semi-automatic reports transmission
  • Supports multiple transmitting addresses of regulatory bodies.
  • Concurrent Multiple Reports Transmissions

Licensed Clients

EazyCompliance has been useful to various financial institutions. Some of which are:

Quantum Zenith

Asset Management & Investments

Regulatory Compliant Reporting Now Made Eazy!

Eazy. Quick. Precise. Standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is EazyCompliance?
EazyCompliance is a robotic software to ease the generation, validation and transmission of regulatory compliant financial reports. It was designed to work in automatic mode with manual override option.
2What types of reports are supported by EazyCompliance?
Regulatory Reporting standards supported by EazyCompliance include CTR, FTR, PEP, AML, BVN, FTR among others.
3Are Reports generated by EazyCompliance according to regulatory standards?
Yes! Regulatory standards for each report have been implemented and developed right from the financial source of truth (Database/Persistent Storage) down to validations and transmissions. We understand the risk involved, therefore we adhered strictly to regulatory standards, guidelines and formats
4 Can custom reports currently not supported by EazyCompliance be built for my financial house?
Yes! Apart from currently supported reports, we can implement an end-to-end custom reporting engine for custom reporting standards. We will implement robust regulatory compliant standard reports just for you.
5 Where can I download the EazyCompliance Software?
EazyCompliance cannot be downloaded off-the-shelf. Due to the nature of the software which involves your private financial data, EazyCompliance will be tightly knitted and integrated to your financial source of truth.
6 How can I integrate EazyCompliance for my institution?
EazyCompliance can be implemented as a 'On-Premise' basis where integration is done on your servers and hardware OR implemented 'On-the-Cloud' basis where integration is done on remote servers and hardware. The basis of what model to choose is dependent on the location of your financial source of truth and how restricted you want your reporting to be.
7Can I control how EazyCompliance work?
Yes, every action/activity done by EazyCompliance can be achieved in either automatic mode or semi-automatic mode. Control can be taken at any point of the reporting pipeline. Simply put, EazyCompliance is a Robotic Process Automation software that you can control or leave to run itself.
8Can I schedule how reports are generated, validated and transmitted?
With EazyCompliance you have the option to schedule every report based on duration, frequency and date range.
9How can I access files generated on EazyCompliance?
EazyCompliance has a Files manager where you can access all your files which include files that has been uploaded, files generated, documents validated and transmitted. With the Files manager, you can also store any other file or document that does not relate to reporting. So the Files manager doubles as a storage for EazyCompliance documents/reports and as a miscellaneous file storage system.
10Can EazyCompliance be integrated with my company's internal workflows and processes?
Yes, EazyComplaince can be tightly knitted to your company's internal processes, workflows or permissions system.
11How does EazyCompliance Reports Validation work?
All reports (in-built and custom) generated on EazyCompliance goes through a validation process. During this process, our robotic validation engine compares what is expected with what was generated and gives you in plain texts what is to be done to make the reports valid. You can get suggestions like "The surname of your client with account number 0123456789 cannot be empty", with this for instance, you know what is expected to be done. When validations are done, corrections can be made on the fly so that the reporting process can continue seamless.
12How fast is EazyCompliance?
The speed of EazyCompliance is dependent on the specification of servers provided by your institution and read capacity of your financial source of truth. With a standard server specification, over 5000 transactions can be spooled from your storage, generated and validated under one minute. It is very fast, at least faster than manual processes.
13Does EazyCompliance store or manipulate financial data?
No, with EazyCompliance, your data is safe as it does not store financial data. It simply connects to your data source and transforms them to standardized reporting formats based on regulatory guidelines. All what EazyCompliance needs is a read access to your data source. It does not manipulate or update your data. Never. With EazyCompliance, you can be sure of your financial data integrity!
1 What server specification is needed to implement EazyCompliance?
A server with at least 12GB RAM and at least 50GB of hard disk space (for Files manager) would be sufficient, but to reduce initial cost of implementation, any available server specification can suffice to be upgrade later.
2 How long will it take to have EazyCompliance fully functional for my institution?
Integrating EazyCompliance for your institution will take between two to six weeks. Duration of implementation would depend on customization needs and the internal configuration of your institution's systems.
3 What are the available mode of implementation?
Implementing EazyCompliance for your business will involve the presence of both on-premise experts and remote professionals of the EazyCompliance team.
4 Would there be training after implementing EazyCompliance?
Yes, After integrating EazyCompliance, your internal staff of the compliance department would be elaborately trained on how to use it. One thing is sure, EazyCompliance is really easy to use.
5 Can there be further customizations after initial integration?
Yes, more customization requests can be achieved after initial integration of EazyCompliance. We understand that there will always be innovative ideas to further your business goals.
1 What financial commitments are available to implement EazyCompliance?
EazyCompliance can be purchased one-off or commitments done as an annual subscription basis.
2 Is there any support after implementing EazyCompliance?
Yes, technically sound support personnel are always available at your service. Support is affordable.
3 Are there updates and what are the modalities?
We understand that regulatory standards could change. With every change done on reporting standards we are always available to provide updates. For the annual EazyCompliance subscription, updates are free but are quite affordable for one-off purchase of the EazyCompliance software.
4 What does it cost to integrate EazyCompliance after purchase or initial subscription?
Integrating to your data system is free after initial purchase or subscription.
5 What payment methods are available?
Before payment is done, a thorough assessment of how integration would be achieved would be completed. Any payment method is accepted except cash.

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